Gerard wayfan, Artist

Gerard is a versatile artist who has decades of experience in a variety of media. She carries a sketchbook with her wherever she goes, and frequently stops whatever she’s doing to make a quick sketch or take a photo to paint later.

Gerard was raised in California in a household where “idle hands were the devil’s workshop.” She and her five siblings have always pursued a variety of creative activities. Gerard has horror stories about terrible art classes in her Catholic elementary schools. In Seventh grade, Sister Joanna once started tearing up student “sunsets” because they included suns. Despite these traumatic episodes,Gerard’s interest in art never wavered. She took classes in watercolor, print-making, illustration, and figure drawing. She once worked with a model who frequently sat for Picasso as a young woman.

Gerard’s interest as an artist lies in capturing the immediacy of a scene. She works quickly, so as to evoke the essence of her subject. Vibrant colors and lively details are hallmarks of her work Poker Online Uang Asli Terbaik dan Terpercaya se Indonesia, Situs Bandar Agen Judi Poker Capsa Susun Online Indonesia, Daftar Poker Online di Agen Poker Terbaik..

About a year ago, gerard started working on a series of drawings and paintings of the many dogs who her extended family own and love. They enjoyed the finished products so much that soon friends and friends of friends were asking for paintings of their dogs, cats, and other pets. Soon there were requests for other types of subject matter: business sites, houses, vacation photos, people. This is where the idea for Gerardwayfan.com originated.

gerard lives in California, with her husband. Besides drawing, gerard finds time for gardening, reading, and daily walks with her dog, Sassy.